Dr. Leo Kituskie Now Accepts New Patients in Wilmington, DE, Looking for Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Dr. Leo Kituskie is currently accepting new patients, and encourages people with missing teeth to protect their long term oral health by scheduling a consultation to discuss receiving dental implants in Wilmington, DE. Dental implants are anchored in the alveolar bone, like natural teeth, so they preserve healthy bone density levels without causing damage to other teeth. Implants also offer other benefits, including a convincing appearance, a secure fit, and a low maintenance care regimen.

Tooth loss is a widespread problem; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one out of four adults over the age of 60 have no natural teeth, while one out of 20 adults between ages 40 and 59 have lost all of their teeth. Dental implants provide a healthy solution for adults missing any number of teeth. Since implants fuse with the alveolar bone, they provide the stimulation that signals the bone to maintain itself. Without this stimulation, bone density loss irreversibly occurs, changing mouth structure and facial appearance. Implants are the only tooth replacement that stabilizes bone density levels, and they also prevent natural teeth from shifting into gaps left by missing teeth. Additionally, implants allow people to eat full diets and speak naturally.

Implants may not be the ideal solution for every person. Dr. Kituskie must hold a consultation to determine whether each patient is a good candidate for dental implants in Wilmington, DE. People with existing oral health problems, such as gum disease or habits that adversely affect oral health like smoking, may need to address those issues before they can receive implants. People who have been missing teeth for months or longer may not have adequate bone density in place to support dental implants. These patients may need to have a bone graft to become eligible for implants.

Dr. Kituskie encourages patients who are interested in dental implants in Wilmington, DE to schedule their consultations as soon as they can after their teeth have been lost. This reduces the risk that developments such as bone density loss or other health problems will make a patient a poor candidate for the implant placement procedure. Patients are welcome to visit Dr. Kituskies website or call his office directly to schedule an appointment.

About the Doctor

Leo Kituskie, D.M.D. is a periodontist offering patients personalized dental care in Wilmington, DE. Dr. Kituskie attended LaSalle College High School and LaSalle University. He continued his dental training at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine and received a Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Continuing his education, he did specialty training at Temple University and received a Post-Doctorate Certificate in Periodontics. Dr. Kituskie is Board Certified and a Diplomat of the American Board of Periodontology. He is part of one percent of dental professionals providing the LANAP

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FTC Bans Diet Pill Seller from the Weight-Loss Business
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Lindora Enters Into “Weighty” Agreement With HealthCheck360

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) October 29, 2014

Lindora, the nations largest medical weight loss program, will join forces with HealthCheck360

Beyond diet plan ratings -My Comprehensive review + Bonus

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7 Day Metabolism Fix: Review Examining Mike Whitfields Program Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 24, 2014

7 Day Metabolism Fix claims to make ones metabolism healthier without having to go on a strict diet or suffer exhausting programs. This has caught the attention of HealthyandFitZone.coms Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

Our 7 Day Metabolism Fix review shows that the advice in this program gives you the same metabolism you had when you were younger and able to eat a doughnut without gaining five pounds the next day, reports Stevenson. Inside, you will find a nutrition plan that shows you everything you need to do, including what to eat and when to eat it. This in itself involves a way of eating that is not usual in the diet world.

7 Day Metabolism Fix includes bonuses such as eBooks with 21 tricks to boost metabolism despite age, foods that help burn fat faster as well as the best food one can eat to boost fat loss, losing fat continuously until people reach a healthy weight, 31 recipes to boost ones metabolism even further and access to the VIP forum. The extra bonus is a collection of videos that teach people how to make the most of the system.

Copy a system that helped Mike lose 115 pounds of fat easily with neither any supplements nor intense dieting involved. You will gain more energy in a short period of time while eating what you want every 3 days, says Stevenson. Thanks to the improved production of various hormones, you will speed up your metabolism and make it work for you instead of against you and lose stubborn belly fat. This program is affordable for anyone who wants to stop spending money on diets, gym memberships, and fat-burning supplements. No workout equipment is necessary and it works even if you have genetics or issues losing weight.

Anyone who has fallen off the path of good health by eating an unhealthy diet, avoiding exercise, smoking, drinking, stressing, or any other action that has an effect on the body will benefit from 7 Day Metabolism Fix as they try to change their life and lose weight. It will boost results and get you to where you want to be faster. There are some amazing tips that can help you speed up your metabolism. You will improve your overall health, gain energy, reduce stress, and feel good about yourself and the actions that you are taking in your life. The truth is that boosting your metabolism will not only help you burn fat faster, but also do good for your body, which makes it worth a try.

Those wishing to purchase 7 Day Metabolism Fix, click here.

To access a comprehensive 7 Day Metabolism Fix review, visit http://healthyandfitzone.com/7-day-metabolism-fix-review

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Another Diet Myth Exploded: Gradual Weight Loss No Better Than Rapid Weight
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