Almased Synergy Diet Review in Depth

Almased Synergy Diet Review in Depth – Glenn reviews the popular weight loss supplement called Almased. Find out if it…
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Mike Trout driven by playoff loss

Mike Trout driven by playoff loss
… as the Angels were swept in three games by the Kansas City Royals. The emptiness of that quick departure — and his personal shortcomings on the big stage — gnawed at him during the offseason. … You see your friends over the winter, and they …
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Quick Weight Loss Diets that Actually Work: Chicken Soup, Fruitarian, Atkins
… that the best kind of weight loss is one that is achieved gradually. The problem with the "slow and steady wins the race" approach, however, is that many don't actually get to the end of the race to see meaningful results. This is why "quick fixes …
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Intermittent fasting for weight loss works — for men
Simply put, it is a way of structuring your daily calories to promote fat loss or weight maintenance. Most methods involve one daily period of time where a person will fast, in which this person doesn't consume any calories and subsists on water …
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Chicago Wellness Centers Welcomes New Lead Functional Medicine Doctor to Staff

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 27, 2015

Aligned Modern Health, a Chicago area wellness company with five local neighborhood health centers, officially welcomes Dr. Alaina Gemelas, DC as lead doctor for Functional Medicine based in Aligned Modern Healths Lincoln Square, Streeterville, and Southport Corridor facilities.

Dr. Gemelas graduated from the National University of Health Sciences and was awarded the Joseph Janse Outstanding Graduate Award. She has completed post-graduate coursework in functional medicine, nutrition, clinical orthopedics, as well as in manual medicine such as McKenzie Diagnosis Therapy, various soft tissue therapies and adjusting techniques. She is also a graduate of Purdue University with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Biology.

Dr. Gemelas is deeply committed to breaking the mold of conventional medicine by collaborating with her patients to provide individualized, patient-centered solutions to prevent and treat chronic illness and optimize wellness. She combines her unique background of chiropractic medicine, holistic nutrition, and traditional Chinese medicine to deliver personalized care. As a functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Gemelas places emphasis addressing root issues through nutritional therapies, hormone balancing, optimizing detoxification and lifestyle improvements.

Functional Medicine is an approach to healthcare that seeks to identify and address the root cause of health concerns, illness and Disease. Our practitioners believe that chronic disease is almost always preceded by a lengthy period of declining health in one or more of the systems of the body. At Aligned Modern Health we begin by conducting a thorough history of current lifestyle and behaviors, combined with specialized Diagnostic tests that we will perform or prescribe. Treatment is individualized and cooperative and we seek to create sustainable lifestyle and behavioral changes that seek to not just treat the symptoms but create a plan that will change the way you live.

Dr. Gemelas specializes in complex chronic health issues such as auto immune diseases (thyroiditis/hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease), gastro-intestinal issues (inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, diarrhea, leaky gut”) food sensitivities, and general weight loss and improved health.

I am excited to continue to help bring to light the new discipline of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition at several of Aligned Modern Healths northside locations, said Dr. Alaina Gemelas. We believe that living a healthy, balanced life should be fun and we will continually offer unique ways to keep your mind, body and spirit aligned.

Dr. Gemelas is currently accepting new patients. She offers a free 15 minute consultation for Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition or with the clinics Acupuncturists or Chiropractors. In addition, Dr. Gemelas is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. They are more than happy to check your coverage prior to starting any treatment.


About Aligned Modern Health

At Aligned Modern Health, we strive to help people feel better, live with less pain, and live life to the fullest. We work with the best Chiropractors in Chicago, and encourage our patients to broaden their view of health and wellness, offering acupuncture, Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition and massage therapy.

At Aligned Modern Health we create a customized care plan for everyone that walks in the door; we don’t have any packages or minimum visits. Our goal is to get you back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible!! Our commitment to quality care and customer experience can be seen in our Yelp reviews as we are consistently one of the highest rated Chiropractors and Wellness clinics in all of Chicago at our locations in Lincoln Square, Lincoln Park at Diversey, the West Loop, Streeterville, and Lakeview in the Southport Corridor.

For more information please visit us at

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7 Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar
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Eating plan Doc Announces their Revitalized food diets for ladies, aimed toward assisting Females of most Ages, sizes and shapes Look Better and Feel More Confident

Jersey City, NJ (PRWEB) February 23, 2015

Females across the country are searching better and feeling more confident by dropping excess belly, hip, thigh, underarm and buttock fat through eating plan Docs modernized prescription diet plans for women. The effective mix of individual solution, personalized dinner and snack plans and prescription diet items target fat that has been stored in probably the most persistent to lose regions of a womans human body, causes its release into the bloodstream and burns it due to the fact bodys primary energy source. Ladies who have actually struggled with losing weight throughout their life are melting fat and dropping pounds and ins at an amazing speed. In reality, most over 20,000 actual patients report an average loss in 20 weight or more every month.

While there is no body certain diet for ladies versus males, there is a significant difference into the k-calorie burning of each and every sex and because a mans human anatomy is typically made up of more muscle than a womans human anatomy, they are doing burn calories at a faster rate. Because of this, eating plan Doc updated their already effective diets to include more individual focus on their particular feminine consumers and now work more closely with ladies to uncover hormone imbalances, cellular toxicity or improperly operating body organs which may be causing fat gain or preventing fast weight loss.

Diet Doc focuses primarily on the technology of safe and fast weight loss, enabling all of them to develop fat loss programs for women offering prescription hormone diet remedies, appetite suppressants, powerful fat burners that improve the metabolic process and safely, naturally and quickly burn embarrassing excess fat. Patients that are prepared to lose dangerous and embarrassing surplus fat once and for all can log onto or simply just phone professionals. Each client can expect:

����Real experts whom intimately understand a womans human body and its own reaction to particular foods and fast weight loss methods;
����A staff of specifically trained fast weight loss specialists including medical practioners, nurses, nutritionists and coaches, who’re sincerely enthusiastic about helping everyone boost their health and attain their particular perfect body weight;
����Easy to check out meal and treat programs that can be specific to each womans age, way of life, diseases and food tastes, that include a wide variety of food alternatives that leave females feeling full and satisfied;
����Prescription diet products which tend to be stated in completely certified, FDA approved, U.S. based pharmacies that prevent carbohydrate cravings, between dinner appetite and reduced energy while assaulting and burning old, saved fat at a fantastic speed and therefore could be reordered effortlessly and effectively through the phone or net;
����Medical supervision throughout, including planned once a week progress phone calls that allow the physicians to quickly recognize and address dieting plateaus or unneeded side-effects, all without costly, time-consuming and embarrassing medical practitioner or weight reduction center visits;
����limitless usage of their particular rapid weight loss group who will be always desperate to offer their assistance, guidance and reassurance throughout;
����Aftercare plans that teach women how to avoid regaining the weight obtained worked so difficult to reduce.

Diet Doc has actually obtained its reputation by giving safe and effective, medically supervised weight loss to folks through the entire nation and invite those who are struggling to get rid of that last 10-20 pounds to those who must drop 100 pounds or maybe more to phone the nations frontrunner in diet plans for ladies today.

About the Business:

Diet Doc weight-loss may be the nation’s leader in health, diet supplying a complete distinct prescription medicine, doctor, nurse and health coaching support. For over ten years, diet plan Doc features produced an enhanced, doctor designed weightloss program that covers each individual certain health need certainly to promote quickly, safe and long term slimming down.

Eating Plan Doc Contact Information:

Providing treatment across the USA


Hillcrest, CA

(888) 934-4451



Twitter: DietDocMedicalWeightLoss


Discover Even More Losing Weight Products Press Announcements

10 Weeks in and 137 lbs Down in Our Healthy Weight Loss Challenge

Sarasota, Florida (PRWEB) October 22, 2014

At Professional Supplement Center, the staff isnt just talking the talk about the supplements they sell, but in their 90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge, they have taken up the gauntlet and are walking the walk, literally. And 10 weeks into the challenge, they have already lost 137 pounds!

Our staff is always up for a challenge, and this seemed like a great way for them to experience some of the products we recommend, while also learning to make healthy decisions and benefiting from the same guidance available to our customers, said Sheri Davis, Founder & Co-owner.

Heres how the challenge works:


Why weight loss pills have short-term effects

Why weight loss pills have short-term effects
MARQUETTE — "Diet plans, and diet trends they always try to make this beautiful magic pill when really it's going to take the basics to keep you on track and keep you healthy for the long-term effective," said Travis Alexander, Motions Personal Training.

Doctor Oz linked to weight loss supplement that may not work
( – A company that worked with Doctor Oz is now paying $ 9 million dollars in settlements after many people say the weight loss pills they endorsed didn't work. Doctor Oz was called before a U.S Senate Panel back in 2014 under allegations that …

Drinking green tea better than taking supplements for weight loss: Research
If you are planning to take supplements based on green tea extracts as a measure to lose weight, think again. Researchers have warned that the supplements could result in harmful side effects including liver toxicity. Drinking green tea, instead of …
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Diet Doc Announces fat loss programs that Help customers stay glued to their brand new Years Resolutions to give up cigarette without Gaining Weight

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 12, 2015

cigarette smokers whom give up their particular practice usually gain about 10 pounds. Because of this, many individuals abandon their targets. So, that ought to they choose? To continue smoking drastically escalates the risk for countless breathing diseases and cancer tumors, but carrying excess fat could be equally as dangerous. Overeating results in excess fat storing it self all over internal organs and escalates the threat for coronary arrest and stroke. Therefore, so how exactly does a smoker quit their particular dangerous smoking routine without changing smoking with food? Luckily, diet plan Doc has designed their medical weight reduction programs such as unlimited assistance and have aided thousands give up smoking without getting fat.

Finding the perfect diet while stopping smoking cigarettes is difficult, leaving numerous experience that their particular battle won’t end. But, because diet plan Docs staff is specially been trained in the technology of fat loss and intimately comprehend the bodys reaction to particular foods, clients who follow their medical weight loss programs can get to learn simple tips to quit smoking cigarettes without gaining weight.

Eating plan Docs fat loss programs consist of specially created prescription remedies that expel cravings and exhaustion, suppress the desire for food, and burn off fat four times faster than many other diet items. These diets assist clients give attention to discarding their particular smoking routine without the worry of gaining excess weight.

Brand new diet plan Doc patients will finish a wellness-questionnaire” class=”trackingLink” rel=”nofollow” trackinglink=”|8227B|10DF5|0|57|0|17D|1|6BFE5728&″>health survey just before consulting on the web with a Diet Doc doctor. During consult, the physician will review the entire system and discuss the clients targets. Tips would be designed for top solution to avoid getting body weight while stopping smoking.

Next, qualified nutritionists will work closely with every client to create meal and snack programs that combine meals that may leave patients experiencing complete and happy. Skilled customers which boost their diet plans with prescription hormone remedies, unique weightloss pills and fat burning agents will discover it easier to focus on their particular smoking cessation goals. By getting returning to principles and freeing the liver and the body from chemicals, prepared meals, excess sugar and carbs, and incorporating eating plan Docs exclusive prescription hormone treatments and supplements, the body will effortlessly launch weight without nagging side effects.

The most crucial step when mastering how exactly to giving up smoking without gaining weight is having a very good help system. As a result, diet plan Doc created their particular weight loss programs offering limitless use of their staff of health practitioners, nurses, nutritionists and nutritional coaches, all enthusiastic about helping their clients quit smoking without gaining weight. An easy telephone call or e-mail will put consumers touching their group of support and health professionals who will be nervous to offer their limitless suggestions, support, guidance and support.

Men and women through the entire country have actually successfully quit smoking without gaining body weight using the help and assistance associated with eating plan Doc specialists. The company urges everyone who wants to enhance their wellness to phone right now to schedule an individual and confidential consultation.

In regards to the Company:

Diet Doc Losing Weight could be the nation’s leader in medical, slimming down providing the full type of prescription drugs, medical practitioner, nursing assistant and nutritional coaching help. For more than ten years, eating plan Doc has created a sophisticated, doctor designed weightloss program that addresses each individual certain wellness should promote fast, safe and future diet.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

Providing care over the United States Of America


North Park, CA

(888) 934-4451



Twitter: DietDocMedicalWeightLoss


Obesity is one of the major problems in the worldwide. It leads to various other health problems like diabetes, heart attack and various other syndromes. It also makes you lazy and depressed. Therefore, people fighting with it have to undergo various strenuous exercises and dietary control.

Fat absorber pills binds to small amount of fat and most of the fat blocker are derived from chitin, a polysaccharide found in the exoskeleton of the shellfish such as shrimp, lobster, and or crabs. Many sellers claim that chitin causes weight loss by binding the fats in the stomach and preventing them from being digested and absorbed. Some refer it to as fat trapper or fat magnet.

Some years ago starch blocker was at the rage, but that do not stop people from getting obese and gaining weight. Starch is normally broken down to sugars in intestine and absorbed in bloodstream. If starch is not absorbed in your intestine, it passes to colon where bacteria ferment it and cause diarrhea and gas. Since starch blocker did not cause diarrhea they did not prevent starch absorption and do not help you in losing weight.

Fat absorber only absorbs fat and reduction of weight is just due to non absorption of fat. Fat absorption pills available in the market consumed mainly by health conscious person and fitness freak. Every human body is made with different physical stamina. So, some people gain weight easily while some people no matter what they eat do not pull up fat. These fats are dangerous sometimes because may leads to massive heart attack.

Fat absorbing pills smartly bind to the fat and eliminate it out from the body. Well, generally it does not harm the body but sometimes some powerful dose leads to excessive sweating, nervousness, depression and lowering of blood pressure. Some herbal fat absorber are also available in the market, they leave no side effects and work greatly.

So, people while buying these pills, are very much conscious about whether they will work or not. Therefore, it is necessary to consult your family doctor, as he or she knows your body basics very well; he knows the sensitivity meter of your body. Family doctor better refers you particular medicine that suits your body structure.

Before buying fat absorbing pills check out its reviews, whether it is branded or not, if the company is local then consults people who used these pills and praise it very much. Buy online if the online services are certified. Beware of fraud services that entice you falsely and give you the wrong product. This fat absorber you can find in the powder form or pill for. You only need to do moderate exercise after consuming it. Pregnant women should not take the fat absorber because it may harm the growth of your baby. Drink proper water after taking it, otherwise it leads to constipation or gas formation. These are the minor effects but if your body is too sensitive then consult your doctor.


Emiley David acts as a consultant for Xipisan and for more information see,Fat absorber London,Fat fighter UK,Fat absorber UK.

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