DuPont Announces 2015 Packaging Innovation Award Winners

Wilmington, Del. (PRWEB) May 15, 2015

The 2015 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation will be remembered as the year of design as 77 percent of the winners are being honored for design excellence in enhancing the users experience. Canada-based IPL, Inc., earned the Diamond Award, the programs highest honor, for SkinnyPack Technology. This mono-material package marries flexible and rigid packaging to create a thin, light, strong structure that uses less material, enables recycling and allows more message space.

This years winners stand out as leaders in packaging innovation, said William J. Harvey, president, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers. They exemplify how collaboration, innovation and packaging excellence converge to generate game-changing solutions that positively impact our lives.

The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation is the industrys longest-running, global, independently judged celebration of innovation and collaboration throughout the value chain. An independent panel of packaging experts evaluated nearly 140 entries from more than 25 countries and last night awarded one diamond winner, five gold winners and seven silver winners based on “excellence” in one, two or all three categories: technological advancement, responsible packaging and enhanced user experience.

The winners demonstrated the power of integrating precision engineering, design and technology in a way that brings multi-sensorial yet functional packaging to delight consumers, according to Yasmin Siddiqi, DuPont Packaging Awards program leader.

The novelty this year lies in the fact that we saw packaging designs that added intuitive functionality in a way that was both simple and meaningful for the user, said David Luttenberger, CPP, global packaging director, Mintel Group, Ltd., USA and lead judge. Theres frequently a lot of technology behind seemingly simple designs, but when you can design packaging in a way that resolves an issue and is intuitive to use, thats value.

Click here for complete descriptions, list of collaborations and high-resolution images.

2015 Diamond Winner

Salsa Container Blends Rigid and Flexible for a Myriad of Possibilities, IPL, Inc. Canada; Anas Foods USA

Honored for Excellence in Technological Advancement, Responsible Packaging, and Enhanced User Experience

IPLs new hybrid container is allowing Anas Foods to be a standout on store shelves. Through collaboration with IPL, Anas Foods replaced its rigid salsa containers with the SkinnyPack, a flexible-rigid container that combines the advantages of thin, flexible film (lightweight, flexible, and printable) and the advantages of a strong, rigid frame (sturdy, structural component).

The SkinnyPack, developed by IPL, is an injection molded polypropylene container that is made by fusing a thin, flexible in-mold label (IML) film to a sturdy, rigid frame. This process ensures that a strong adhesion exists between the film and injected plastic, allowing the packages to remain sturdy and strong throughout production, filling, transport, distribution and consumer use.

The lighter-weight, thin-walled SkinnyPack uses 54.8 percent less plastic than the original salsa containers. The mono-material packaging structure allows the container to be 100 percent recyclable. Prior to use, the empty SkinnyPack is nestable to maximize warehouse space. After use, the SkinnyPack can be easily crushed to optimize space during the recycling process. On each salsa package, Anas Foods communicates their commitment to sustainability with their consumers: Tub made with less plastic for a greener world.

The uniqueness of the SkinnyPack helps to differentiate itself on store shelves. The high-clarity film windows offer a look inside to give consumers confidence in the product prior to purchase. The in-mold labeling offers high-resolution graphics for high-impact shelf appeal.

The round mouth gives consumers easy access to the product inside while the square edges of the bottom provide better grip and handling.

The unique squround (square-round) shape of the container ensures distinction on store shelves while providing ease for food manufacturers to adopt the new package. The squround shape is compatible with most current packaging equipment, whether it is for square or round containers.

In developing the SkinnyPack, IPL and Anas Foods took existing technology to a whole new level. With the properties of both flexible and rigid packaging, the SkinnyPack highlights the world of possibilities that exists for packaging.

2015 Gold Winners

Squeezable Mascara Tube Ends Product Dispensing Frustrations, AmorePacific – Korea

Honored for Excellence in Technological Advancement and Enhanced User Experience

An eye-opening innovation, AmorePacifics squeezable mascara tube eliminates consumer frustrations with inconsistent delivery, dried out product and inability to extract mascara from the tube.

This squeezable mascara tube is the first matte silicone mascara tube in the world. A hybrid package made of a silicone tube with an aluminum laminated inner pouch, the tube looks like a traditional mascara tube at first glance but surprises users with its enhanced features that address known market needs for functionality and consistent dosing.

With traditional mascara tubes, the high viscosity mascara tends to accumulate along the inner wall, becoming unreachable or dried out. The squeezable mascara tube allows users to soften, reposition the remaining mascara, and transfer the mascara to the applicator with just a light squeeze of the tube. This enables a consistent amount of mascara to be delivered every time so that users will get the same great experience with each application.

The enhanced functionalities of the squeezable mascara tube help to dramatically reduce the amount of unusable mascara remaining in the tube and extend the useful life of the mascara, while providing a unique tactile sensation.

Deodorant Can Engineered to Combine Complexity with Simplicity, Unilever – UK

Honored for Excellence in Technological Advancement and Enhanced User Experience

The Axe and Lynx aerosol cans showcase an outstanding balance of technology and enhanced consumer experience. Every component of the deodorant can is specially designed to play a specific role in maximizing the consumer experience, reducing impact on the supply chain and maximizing efficiencies.

The vibrant aluminum cans feature a squround (half square, half round) shape to deliver a unique look while accommodating the industry standard 1 inch valve. The square body rotates to reveal the valve and trigger button, allowing consumers to experience the same twist-open action of the previous cans. As the body rotates, the button emerges from the flat top and tilts to provide a pleasing opening experience.

To eliminate leakage or accidental activation, the spray channel is designed to engage with the valve only when in the open position. When the valve is closed, the spray channel separates from the valve completely. The button, designed using insights gathered from consumer studies, activates regardless of how the consumer holds the can or where they press on the button.

With this aerosol can, Unilever took pr

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Diet Doc Introduces Brand New Diabetic Diets that Stabilize Blood Glucose While Helping People Lose Extra Fat for Improved Wellness

La, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

While there are a number of factors why men and women develop diabetes being beyond their particular control, carrying surplus fat is an understood threat which can be overcome with life style changes. It’s important for those who are identified as pre-diabetic and, even if you are maybe not clinically determined to have diabetic issues, to comprehend the importance of the changes which are necessary to discourage the development of a number of weight-related diseases.

It is dominant that carrying extra stomach fat can interfere with the bodys capability to create insulin, the leading cause of diabetic issues. The greater amount of surplus fat the greater the chance. Luckily, diet plan Doc has established diabetic diet plans that focus on helping their particular customers take control of their own health, enhance and support blood sugar levels because of their diabetics and reduce the diabetes analysis threat for folks who are teetering regarding side of complete diabetes.

At diet plan Doc, new patients will learn that coping with diabetes or pre-diabetes does not have to leave them feeling hungry or deprived. Patients will be able to work closely with health experts which discover how to balance balanced diet alternatives that leave them experiencing full and satisfied while eliminating uncontrollable cravings to reach for harmful, high carbohydrate meals. By calling the company or checking out, new patients can finish an initial health questionnaire and schedule an eating plan Doc medical practitioner assessment without leaving their particular house. During the assessment, the complete system will likely be evaluated and assessed before recommendations are produced for meal and snack plans and diet products that will continue to work perfectly to stabilize blood sugar levels while producing safe and fast weight loss without contraindications with other prescription drugs or health conditions. While all diabetic patients may benefit from eating plan Docs deliciously structured dinner and treat plans, numerous will be considered to accelerate dieting with pure, prescription hormones diet treatments, proprietary supplements and effective weight reducers. Numerous patients would be recommended Chromium Picolinate which actively works to support blood glucose and help insulin in the biochemical regulation of fat.

Professionals at eating plan Doc assistance and guide each diligent throughout their trip toward better wellness through secure and quick weight loss. They work closely with every client to instruct all of them just how and exactly why the human body responds to specific foods, they track development and level of comfort through scheduled once a week checkup phone calls and they are readily available via phone or mail to answer concerns, provide recommendations or address any diligent concerns.

Combining todays advanced technology and contemporary medical understanding making use of their doctor-designed and medically supervised diabetic fat loss programs features enabled the company to be a frontrunner within the fat reduction business and permitted them to assist diabetic and pre-diabetic patients shed excess fat for very long term improved health insurance and longevity. By allowing clients to manage their very own health and be a part of their own fat reduction solution, breaking bad practices and choosing healthier food options quickly becomes routine.

Diabetic food diets are tailored for anyone of most ages, genders, shapes and sizes and those who are struggling to drop that last 10-20 pounds to those that must drop 100 weight or even more and, especially, for folks who need stabilize glucose levels, drop unwanted weight and prevent diabetic issues. The experts at diet plan Doc encourage patients from any part of the nation to phone right now to schedule a private and no-cost consultation.

In regards to the Business:

Diet plan Doc Fat Reduction may be the country’s leader in medical, weight reduction supplying the full distinct prescription medication, doctor, nursing assistant and nutritional coaching help. For more than 10 years, Diet Doc has produced a complicated, doctor created weight loss program that covers every individual certain health need to advertise quickly, safe and future losing weight.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

Supplying care across the American


Hillcrest, CA

(888) 934-4451



Facebook: DietDocMedicalWeightLoss


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Nutrition — Diet-to-Go Gets Out in Front of New Dietary Guidelines

Lorton, VA (PRWEB) May 15, 2015

Diet-to-Go, a 24-year leader in healthy, diet meal delivery has just released a full menu update, ahead of HHS/USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015, expected later this year.

Keeping pace with leading nutritional science and the anticipated Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015, Diet-to-Go has updated its menu to include more protein, healthy fats and quality carbohydrates while further reducing sugar and sodium. The updated menu also offers more sustainable and locally sourced foods and wider variety of meat-free choices. While the menu continues to be focused on weight loss through daily calorie management, the recent menu updates promote hypertension management, as well as diabetes prevention and management.

Our promise is to deliver great tasting meals that regulate daily calories, for effective weight loss. But, we also have a responsibility to make these meals as healthy as we can, said Hilton Davis, founder and CEO. Our completely refreshed menu follows the most widely accepted thinking in nutritional science and responsible food sourcing. It also happens to taste better than ever.


The updated menu is now available online. New customers can find the menu and meal plan choices at

About Diet-to-Go:

Diet-to-Go has been in the weight-loss business for more than 24 years and is a leader in providing healthy, meal-based weight loss solutions. Offering a range of calorie regulated meal plan options, Diet-to-Go helps customers lose weight and learn how to keep it off through a common-sense approach to healthy eating.

With meal preparation facilities in Northern Virginian and Los Angeles, Diet-to-Go offers direct to home delivery throughout the contiguous 48 states and a fresh, never frozen local service in the Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas. Learn more by visiting or by calling Rachel Lynch at 800-743-7546 ext. 1100.

Dance Pizazz Announces Why Ballroom Dance Lessons Directly Contribute to Healthier Lifestyle

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) May 18, 2015

Health fads are a prominent fixture in society these days. From magic pills, powders, and elixirs, to overnight diet programs, people are always looking for the shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. But it is proven that there are some key components to a healthy life, and Dance Pizazz happens to have one of those key components in abundance: Fun. Working out and eating right is only half the battle, and learning to enjoy what youre doing can turn frustration into excitement.

One of the best ways to be fit and healthy, in both body and mind, is through dance. It can improve your physical wellbeing as well as increase your social awareness, not to mention the ability to increase your own self-confidence. And with the multitude of Dance Pizazzs customizable programs, the aspiring dancer can achieve all of these goals, with little difficulty or frustration.

Dance Pizazz works with students’ schedules and budgets to develop a personalized programs to meet their needs. This customized, flexible lesson-plan acknowledges students’ life goals and learning curve, and also help set realistic ballroom dance goals through progress checks. So come see what Dance Pizazz has to offer. Injecting fun and excitement into health will turn a necessity into a desire.

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Easy Weight Loss Tips For Healthiest Weightloss

These 6 means makes it possible to shed and at once will help you are more disciplined. You’ll also should be diligent and dedicated when you wish having that healthy searching human body. A quick fat loss program includes these 6 things so when you want to begin losing body weight fast, start by following these three straight ways.

Do you wish to lose ten weight, thirty weight, or higher? And how very long if you provide yourself to meet your ultimate goal? Writing out an obvious and concise dieting goal written down is a source of motivation that you could have a look at over and over again to keep it fresh in your thoughts. Stick this upon your fridge or bulletin board and use it as inspiration when you’re feeling lazy.

One apparent adjustment that should be made is an exercise plan, some thing light, that she can feel comfortable doing. These regiments could even be performed in the home. Add a cardio routine and a fresh diet according to cutting quickly, fried, and otherwise counter-productive foods significantly from their diet. In some instances light weight-training will attain weight reduction for teenage women.

When exercising give attention to form and heartrate. Objective isn’t to be a superhero or even wow anyone. This might be section of weight reduction system. Because of this you have to be consistent and avoid injuries. Make sure that your exercise type is strong and that your heartrate is raised. Boost the amount of liquid you drink. This really is a great way to lose weight. By stopping the sweet drinks and changing to liquid, you are able to keep the body hydrated which help maintain it working more efficiently. One of the more efficient way to lose belly fat is do aerobic fitness exercise. Aerobic exercise adds more regarding dropping belly fat in your stomach. Next, attempt to do more muscle tissue strengthening workouts like pull ups, push ups and sit-ups.

When you really need to exit your diet plan for a while, stroll on cafe providing the very best waffles, or organize a night out with pals. Even for greater results, never purchase candies or other snacks for residence- as an alternative change them with plenty of fruits and limit these night outs to 1 each week. Thus, you won’t have to worry that you’ll stop trying to the urge while you’re home.

Have a look at Vegetarian Cooking Guidelines. When preparing, get rid of the butter, and make use of olive oil, liquid or veggie broth. Also, when baking, change oil with applesauce, which offers extra dampness, without the fats.

You need to focus on the good changes you have done and if you slip-up as soon as is awhile simply realize that its OKAY concentrate on the positive and not the bad. Make sure to reward your self with on a daily basis off every so often to hold you inspired and determined.


Creator is an online specialist on all-natural weight-loss. Nutritionist. Mouse click read more on weight loss guides, fat loss for women.

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Newest Weight Loss Diet Plan Information

Chris Pratt's 80 pound weight loss program plan: Low-carb Paleo and CrossFit
While Pratt is no longer as strict together with diet and work out routine now he's within the upkeep phase of their weight loss plan, he remains invested in staying in great shape. Pratt is not any stranger to major body weight variations. Last year, Chris destroyed 30 …

Detox diet ideas

Detoxification is generally a brief expression utilized for detoxification. The technique might be defined considering that the body’s natural technique of getting rid of waste materials or toxins through physique. Toxins are typically transformed into specific significantly less dangerous products and removed inside the style of feces or urine. We which have undergone remedy have actually agreed in regards to the diet regime getting exceptional effects in only a few days. However you will find nevertheless some physicians just who advise to stop undergoing detoxification diet plans as significantly as feasible.

You can find some toxins that enter into for physique from external resources including pesticides, medicine, contamination, cigarettes make use of, dishes ingredients including house cleaners. These elements enter our bodies once we breathe or consume them. This lead sustained by the body is known as the physique force. Professionals label this burden and health issues that has been pertaining to damaged protected perform, hormone disproportion, health shortcomings plus decreased metabolic process. an individual may even withstand from indigestion, exhaustion, muscle tissue discomfort also awful breathing.

Detox diet system could be identified as becoming a meal plan program approach for almost any variety of treatment that helps removing waste components or toxic compounds from your own system to maintain very good health. Detox eating plans tend to be of various varieties. These diet programs work on the way to supplying greater dietary fiber, nutritional vitamins, vitamins along with oxidants towards physique to assist great consistency of bowel movements and also urination. These eating plans in addition reduce the quantity of chemical substances consumed set for the machine.

Individuals have to go detox diet simply because a building physique of research reveals the kind of substances we readily eat inside our body through meals, h2o and air are certain to get lodged in excess fat cells in your systems. Nowadays, the majority of us usually tend to take-in dishes which are lacking diet that may also hinder our natural capability using the body to detoxify chemical compounds. This results in buildup of toxins in the system.

Numerous experts take into consideration detox therapy like an actually harsh diet that may bring about some severe outcomes whenever they’re perhaps not finished correctly. They declare the detox diet’s practices aren’t predicated on medical data and mainly named “junk science”. In addition, dieticians think that detox diet programs can provide temporary modifications but the outcomes won’t final that long. Gradually, people who have actually tried down the dietary plan program goes back again to their particular regular consuming routines and their health moves again with their typical states.

Detox eating plans including the Master Cleanse cleansing diet can genuinely be the cause why the physique must be shielded from dangerous substances. Numerous dieticians and expert physicians don’t believe inside this. They believe the physique features interior programs that will impede the dangerous elements from generating to the gastrointestinal tracts, kidneys, combined with liver. As long considering that the organs operate successfully, detox eating plans aren’t needed.

There’s 1 component that many contradicting dieticians support and it also’s the fact that a person should really drink up a lot of liquids and take many vegetables and fruits. Because many people aren’t having to pay consideration towards the worth of h2o, fruits, and vegetables, the detoxification diet regime could be a strategy to make them bear in mind the basics. But nevertheless, they preserve their particular beliefs from diet regime so the diet turns into restricted and unproductive for long-lasting usage.

Completely, countless dieticians as well as health specialists contemplate that making use of detox diet requires a challenging selection generate simply because most facts needs to be thought of along with the the very first thing to take into account is wellness. Inserting wellness at chance really should not be finished just since you wish to encounter fat loss in the fastest possible time.

In addition, significant diet programs like this have to be the last selection for you personally will discover an abundance of healthier and much more secure options to pick from.

Eleventh Circuit Throws Out $40-Million Sanction Against Hi-Tech

Eleventh Circuit Throws Out -Million Sanction Against Hi-Tech
The government cited such advertisements as “Fastin is unlike anything you have ever tried before and will help you lose weight" and a Lipodrene ad, “Novel Fat Burner that Helps Melt Away Pounds". Last year, Pannell ordered Smith, Wheat and Hi-Tech …
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"Fat-burning pill" inches closer to reality
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4 Endomorph Diet Strategies to Accelerate Fat Loss

4 Endomorph Diet Strategies to Accelerate Fat Loss
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Mediterranean Citrus Ingredient May Help Men Lose Fat, Keep Muscle
The study found that men who took Sinetrol for 12 weeks lost more body fat than men who took a placebo. Notably, the Sinetrol group also did not experience a loss of muscle mass. The fat-loss aspect of the study is crucial, but Fytexia believes that …
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Ahern & Associates Responds to Executive Analysis of Big Data in the Trucking Industry

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

While recent trucking industry headlines have focused on a massive loss of drivers and jobs within the trucking industry and increased regulation across the board, Andy Ahern, CEO of Ahern & Associates trucking and transportation consulting company, responded to Research And Market’s April “Analysis of Big Data in the Trucking Industry”. In the face of limitations on Hours of Service (HOS) and the stern fiscal restrictions imposed by the loss of jobs, Ahern encourages business owners to see these obstacles as an opportunity for businesses to start leaning on data to maximize their bottom line.

Regulations under FMCSA guidelines have greatly reduced operational hours and imposed limitations on the amount of time that drivers can spend on the road. Wait time at weigh stations is now counted as time on the road. These restrictions on Hours of Service are difficult conditions for many trucking business owners to navigate, making it increasingly harder to retain drivers as they continue to feel as if they are unable to succeed. Andy Ahern has lauded the introduction of increased technology within the transportation service industry so that business owners can get a better sense of how to operate within the parameters of regulatory guidelines by monitoring analytics and data trends.

By using software to monitor time on the road, fuel and fuel cost, the weight of the truckload, tire pressure and engine maintenance, and idle time waiting at weigh stations, trucking business owners can help improve their bottom line in the industry by paying attention to strict details.

Driver behavior should be monitored; customer activity should be monitored, said Ahern in a recent issue of The Ahern Advisory, the weekly newsletter distributed to over 300,000 trucking industry leaders. The majority of Aherns clients practice expense reduction in all phases of their business, said Ahern, applauding those that monitor details in order to review performance and make actionable recommendations to improve drive accountability, and more importantly, the trucking businesss bottom line.

Big data helps trucking business owners to improve productivity, including miles per gallon and driver efficiency, by spotlighting areas where businesses can improve their process. Increased attention to analytics and data, including transportation software, helps to improve communications between dispatch and drivers and fuel cost optimization.

For more information about Financial IQ or other software that can help trucking business owners increase their bottom line, contact Ahern & Associates at (602) 242-1030, or visit


About Ahern & Associates, Ltd.

Ahern and Associates is North Americas leading trucking and transportation management consulting firm. The skilled consultants at Ahern and Associates specialize in mergers and acquisitions of trucking and logistics companies as well as the restructuring and evaluation of existing carriers that seek to increase operating efficiency and improve profitability. Since 1987, Ahern and Associates has aided hundreds of buyers in the acquisition of trucking and logistics companies throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as assisting many transportation and logistics companies in reducing their overall operating costs and increasing their profitability.

For more information, please call 602-242-1030 or visit

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